Lily & Lister Coffee in the shops!

We are super excited to tell you that our coffee is now stocked at Mackenzie’s Smokehouse near Fewston! If you haven’t visited Mackenzie’s it is definitely a must. It ticks all the boxes: gorgeous locally sourced products, a café indoors for rainy days and an outdoor area selling coffee (don’t jump ship though!) as well as everything else. Mackenzie’s also have a fabulous home shop with stock from some of our favourite online shops such as Nkuku as well as a lovely florist. And the real icing on the cake is the location, it is right next to Fewston reservoir. Walking round this place on a warm day really does take some beating – it is stunning! So now we have persuaded you to head on up there to get some locally sourced products and tie in a walk – just don’t forget to get a few bags of Lily and Lister coffee whilst you’re there!

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